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Still sharing passwords on a Google doc?

Remember and share everything from web accounts, credit cards, 2-factor backup codes, security question answers, and WiFi passwords.
Give colleagues, freelancers, and agencies temporary access to websites without exposing your password or requiring them to install software.
Migrate easily from another password manager, CSV, or Google Docs.
Using Google Apps at work?
Share with just one click.

So secure, even Mitro can't see your passwords

Fully secure

Your secrets are encrypted on your computer which ensures that Mitro never has access to your passwords.
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Just install our browser extension and you're good to go. Say goodbye to storing your passwords on post-it notes or spreadsheets.


We're wherever you need us: Mitro works with every site on the web, and can also store & share offline secrets (like your locker combination).

Built strong

Vijay Pandurangan

Vijay built large software systems at Google from 2002-2008 and at CMU. He worked on cluster management, mobile apps before smartphones and AdWords.

Evan Jones

Evan loves managing data, servers and code. Before Mitro, he earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT, researching how to make databases faster.

Adam Hilss

Prior to Mitro, Adam founded Transitions DJ, combining his passion for machine learning and dance music. He also worked as a software engineer at Intel and Google.

Christine Tsai

Christine enjoys being creative and founded Maigo to share all things cute. She holds degrees from Stanford & Columbia and has worked for Homestead (Intuit) and Serious Eats.